1. An example of LGBT art work – would love to see other images that people think sum up ‘LGBT communities’ for them…

  2. Cath says:

    While searching through Cheshire on Wednesday trying to find somewhere that still had petrol I passed a newly opened children’s nursery and on the gates there was a giant rainbow flag. What did it mean? The kids liked the colourful flag, there was a peace group or just imagine a place where gay parents and workers could be open and the kids would grow up to be honest and accepting about their own and others’ sexuality. With a smile on my face I have decided it’s the latter feel great about the world. It’s funny how just seeing a flag made me part of a community

    • Wanda says:

      When all other communities – whether social, religious, national, ethnic, or whatever – are fully accepting of our community/sexuality/identity, then we can relax, be open and accepting of ourselves.

  3. Thanks Wanda and Cath – interesting take on the flag! How do others feel about this?

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