Blessings and Marriages

It has been quite a rough couple of months for me at church as there have been one or two occasions when I have wished the ground would swallow me up. The faith in God that I was so certain about a year ago and the sexual identity that was so preciously defined by myself over the past forty odd years (lesbian at last) have been brought into question. Of course as a liberal politically I would go for gay marriage and not just blessings but my God appears to not be ready for this. The literalness of the Bible is what we are talking about and it comes down to equal opportunities in this day and age when in Biblical times we lived in a very different society. The Bible is the foundation of my faith but I choose not to be too literal about everything and do accept that moral boundaries that it teaches are good but are also based in culture from so long ago. It has been really tough over the past year or two. When will we learn to love our neighbour? Peace is the most important thing and if we don’t live in peace then we will lose faith.

  1. Sorry to hear things have been rough for you recently, but thanks very much for sharing your feelings about the subject.
    Best wishes, Eleanor.

  2. Kris says:

    I am sorry that you are having a rough time – I do have a question and that is – Is it your God or is it those who profess to speak on your God’s behalf who oppose Gay marriage?
    Many people who read the Bible misinterpret the God Of Love for their own homophobic purposes ~ Love and Tolerance was the main message of Jesus and many prophets other than him would agree ~ take heart that Love is at the centre of his teachings and not hatred…

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