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You can post a comment (thought, story, or even a poem!) or upload an image that says something about how you feel about the subject of LGBT community/communities.



You can comment or submit what you wish, but here are some questions you might like to consider:

What do you think the terms ‘LGBT community’ / ‘LGBT communities’ mean?
What do you understand by these phrases?
If you think this community/these communities exist, where do you think they have come from?
How have they developed? What has this related to?
If you think they exist, do you think these communities (however you understand or experience them e.g. may be virtual or physical) have impacted on your life at all? If so, how?

Privacy and research ethics

The project has received ethical approval from Sheffield Hallam University.

Please note that information uploaded to the website will be public content; it is therefore recommended that you do not include your real name and/or identifiable information. All content will be subject to approval by the website moderator to ensure it is appropriate prior to appearing on the website.

If you choose to contribute to the website you are understood to have freely given your consent to participate in the research, subject to the conditions below:

  • you certify that any photographs or documents uploaded are yours to share publicly
  • comments and attachments submitted to this website may be used by Eleanor Formby for research purposes and you give permission for this to happen (for example they may be included in the final project report or other publications)

All information included in the final report or other documents will be reported anonymously (i.e. will not use people’s names and any identifiable information will be removed).

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