This UK-wide project is aimed at people aged 16+ who either identify as LGBT or who work in the field / identify as an ‘LGBT stakeholder’.

If you would like to be involved and contribute your opinion or experiences, you can do this in four ways.  You can choose one, more than one, or all!

You are welcome to contribute as an LGBT person/community member yourself, or as a ‘stakeholder’ – perhaps you work in the field or feel you can offer an ‘expert opinion’.

Share online in LGBT Now!
Have your say through this website! You can post a comment, send a story or poem, and upload a picture that says something about how you feel about the subject of LGBT community/communities. The choice is yours!

You can also post replies to other people’s posts so feel free to join the debate!

Share privately
Comments and attachments can be privately submitted to the research project by emailing Eleanor:

Complete our survey
Additionally – you can answer some quick questions which should take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Your answers will remain entirely anonymous and will not be shared on this website. They will be analysed as part of the research.

Attend a workshop
Volunteer to come to a workshop as part of the project where the researcher will be discussing these issues. Locations still to be confirmed, but if you are interested in this option, please email Eleanor for more details:

Privacy and research ethics

The project has received ethical approval from Sheffield Hallam University.

All information included in the final report or other documents will be reported anonymously (i.e. will not use people’s names and any identifiable information will be removed).

Please follow the above links for more detailed information.

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